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Aquiares Estate - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

Aquiares Estate is one of the largest coffee farms in Costa Rica and they have been producing fantastic coffee over a whopping 924 hectares since 1992. We are proud to have worked with Diego and his father Alfonso for many years now.

This washed coffee is of the traditional caturra variety which is celebrated for its consistency and cup quality. It is hand picked, pulped, washed and then fermented before its final wash. After, it is dried for 32 hours at a low temperature and then
rested for a month to allow the aromas to settle.

Being such a large farm, Aquiares Estate is strongly committed to environmental sustainability. They have planted more than 50,000 shade trees which create natural buffers around streams and water springs, which preserve the river valleys and forest.
Likewise they use the pruning leaf litter to naturally fertilise the volcanic soil. The shade trees also cool the ground to help slowly ripen the cherries to allow the sugars to be fully absorbed.



800 - 1400 masl