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Uraga Samii - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

Another year and another stunning coffee from Israel Degfa! This is a coffee which was new to us last year and quite honestly blew us away. Uraga is both the name of the washing station and local surrounding area. The village closest to the washing station is Sonkolle Kebele in the Guji region.

The washing station is very high, 2000 meters and above to be precise and supports around one thousand farmers. Typical farmers will own 3000 trees and are mainly growing their coffee in an organic manner. Israel owns two other washing stations that separate coffees that are certified organic and Uraga is working towards this in the not to distant future. Israel also pays 2-4 Birr per kg extra for quality cherry which encourages top quality production.

We adore the citrus notes in this coffee and we know that as it ages huge tropical flavours will power through, giving juicy filter and bold espresso.



2400 masl