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Haru #1 - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

This is a new coffee for us and also a new relationship for us. We chose this coffee due to it’s classic flavour profile and then was delighted to learn about it’s story and potential for a lasting relationship.

Haru is a small village near the washing station in Yirgacheffe. The washing station is owned by brother and sister Fikadu and Tsedenia through their company Kanketi Coffee. The company owns 6 mills and an 85 hectare farm called Foge. The whole company is managed from Yirgacheffe and the family are still living in the town which for us is exciting as the road to Addis is a long way. This close proximity ensures high standards and amazing room for development.

One lot of coffee from Haru represents the work of 100 farmers who typical own a small plot of land. We hope to visit during Harvest in 2019 to learn more about Kanketi coffee and meet Fikadu and Tsedenia. We are also keen to cup coffees from their single farm Foge.



1700 masl