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Pastores - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

Our first Guatemalan coffee of the year and we have started with a beauty. Chosen for it’s sweetness this classic coffee is produced by several farmers in and around the historic town of Antigua which is a short drive from the capital Guatemala City.

Some of the oldest and most established estates in Guatemala can be found in Antigua and you can see them from the city centre, their immaculate trees clinging to the slopes of volcano Agua. The Pastores mill handles a total volume of 6000- 8000 bags of coffee per year and has strict cherry selection policy. All of the coffee from Pastores is washed and sun-dried on patios and they operate their picking post processing on wooden tables which we have never seen before.

This truly is a moreish coffee, super sweet and rounded it shines both with or without milk.



1600 masl