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Finca Miramar #2 - Filter - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

We are delighted to be working with the Salaverria family who are now in their 6th generation of coffee farming. Heritage truly comes with this coffee, starting out in the region of Huaachapan, Jose Anotnio senior was offered a house in 1970 but instead asked for a farm. Jose works with his sons Andres and Jose the younger and now trade under the name of Jasal group.

Their base is Las Cruces which is where they mill, process and export all their coffees. They have been growing and producing coffee on quite a large scale for many years but their success has been down to their passion for quality and for adapting to changes in the market. Splitting up larger farms into smaller plots to give greater traceability and having a deep passion for their staff and their welfare. The end result of their commitment has been really clear coffees with great structure and a rich slightly fruity flavour profile.


Soaked and Washed

1400-1750 masl