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Santa Claude - El Salvador - Filter - Natural Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g


Marzipan, Raisin, Christmas Pudding 



1200 - 1700 masl

A beautiful example of the Bourbon varietal. This coffee is really sweet and creamy, loads of fruitiness but wrapped up in a chocolatey caramel finish that makes it such a lovely dessert of a coffee and exactly what we want to be drinking this time of year.

We’ve been buying coffee from Loma Linda for a few years now. It is the name of an area or section known as a ‘Tablon’ within the larger farm San Francisco owned by the Salaverria family in Santa Ana El Salvador. This particular tablon is quite large, with 38 hectares it is bigger than a lot of farms we buy from! The whole area is about 1700 metres above sea level so quite high for the region and year after year the coffees stand out on the cupping table as some of the best.

The Salaverria family is known for producing exceptional natural coffees. They have pretty ideal weather conditions, with a dry climate without being too hot. They dry most of their naturals on large patios that are at high altitudes, however micro lots such as this one have been dried a little more carefully and with greater airflow on raised African beds. Leading to a cleaner cup profile

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Santa Claude.