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El Jardin - Colombia - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Caramel, Vanilla, Cacao



1790 masl

Antonio Aroca’s family farm, El Jardín, can be found in the town of La Gaitania atop the hills of Planadas municipality in Tolima Department. The geography of the area is defined by the dry valley of the Magdalena River and slopes of Central and Eastern arms of the Colombian Andes, though La Gaitania extends across most of Colombia’s tallest volcano, the Nevado del Huila. Here on the volcano, temperatures oscillate between 18–25° Celsius, creating perfect climate conditions to go along with the quality volcanic soil for coffee production.

This lot of Caturra coffee underwent Washed processing. Coffee cherries were selectively harvested over 20 days to ensure peak ripeness for each cherry in the harvest. Cherries are then floated for sorting and fermented in-cherry for one day. The fruit is then pulped, and the pulped coffee is then dry fermented for three days before being double washed and dried in a parabolic dryer.