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Loma Linda - El Salvador - Filter - Natural Coffee

Sizes1kg, 250g

Red Velvet Cake, Dark Chocolate, Honey

Bourbon, Hibrido de San Francisco


2000 masl

Loma Linda or “Beautiful Hill” is a section of Finca San Francisco, a large farm owned by Jose Antonnio Salaverria and his two sons. They are the 6th generation of their family to produce coffee in the Huachapan region of El Salvador. Loma Linda is one of highest “tablones” (sections of farm) in Finca San Francisco sitting at 1700 metres above sea level, which is extremely altitudinous for El Salvador. This lot is comprised of Bourbon and Hibrido de San Francisco that has been naturally processed. Hibrido de San Francisco is a local hybrid of the dwarf bourbon Pacas and old Bourbon Elite.

The Salaverria family have a long tradition of producing naturals that are of a much higher quality than many others from Central America. They have good conditions for naturals, a dry, not too hot climate. Perhaps the most impressive thing at Finca San Francisco is the quality of the picking, only those cherries that have reached a deep blood red are picked, this uniformity is very impressive given the scale of production. The dry their naturals slowly at high altitudes on African raised beds to achieve naturals that are very clean, and relatively free from flavours of ferment of pulp. We have been buying coffee from the Salaverria family since 2017 and it’s a relationship we hope to grow.