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Zinule Bulambuli - Uganda - Filter - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg, 250g

Pineapple, Cane Sugar, Mandarin

SL-14, SL-28


1700 - 2300 masl

The washing station where this coffee comes from was built last year to buy and process cherry from between 200 & 400 smallholder farmers. Eastern Uganda is ideal for coffee production, perhaps unsurprisingly given its proximity to the Kenyan border. The primary varieties grown here, like in Kenya, are SL28 and SL14. Zinule is a title given to the best washed lots that are produced here at the Bulambuli washing station, taken from the local dialect name the Lugisu bird which is indigenous to the Bulambuli forest.

The import company, Nordic Approach, that we worked with to buy this coffee looks at sourcing some of the most unique lots that the region has to offer as well as aiming to create an impact for the farmers and their communities with the premiums that we pay going straight to improving both financial and social security.

We are really excited to have this coffee back on our list, it was incredible last year when we had it for the first time. There are definite parallels to be drawn between Ugandan and Kenyan coffees but Ugandan coffees definitely have something unique to offer and we are excited to continue exploring and seeing how the coffees continue to develop over the years to come!