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El Puente - Honduras - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg, 250g

Cherry, Rooibos Tea, Chocolate Macadamia



1600 masl

El Puente is the first farm Marysabel and Moises bought after they got married. It is the farm where they began building their reputation and the farm where they solidified it by winning the Honduran Cup of Excellence not once, but twice! First in 2015 then again in 2018.

Catuai is the main variety that they grow and the one they are mainly known for, we buy a much larger blended lot of Catuai from them that we use for Unit 14 (we have been since 2018). This is a much smaller lot of Catuai that we have available in comparison to the much larger lot that we bought as our house coffee earlier on this year. The organisation on Caballero farms is quite impressive, every coffee is carefully labelled and stored, so lot’s like this that come from a single plot and a single day’s picking can be sold individually. Good organisation and meticulous attention to detail are a big part of why we know we’ll always get great coffees from Marysabel and Moises, year after year. It has all of the same things going for it as the larger lot but is just that bit better, more elegant and precise in its expression of flavour. Truly a coffee worth highlighting, the most Caballero coffee of Caballero coffees, a washed Catuai from El Puente.