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Danche Anaerobic - Ethiopia - Espresso - Anaerobic Natural Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Vanilla, Peach Yoghurt, Elderflower Cordial

Kurume, Wolisho

Anaerobic Natural

2000 - 2300 masl

Danche is one of two washing stations in the Worka Chelbesa village owned by SNAP (the other one is called Chelbesa). The Danche Washing Station buys cherries from 742 farmers each with plot sizes of around one to two hectares on average. The altitudes of these farms are between 2000 and 2300 metres above sea level.

The cherries for this lot were hand-picked and sorted before being packed tightly into large plastic barrels where an airlock system prevents oxygen from entering. After 144 hours in the barrels, the coffee is removed and laid out on raised beds where they are hand-sorted to remove any broken cherries or visible defects as they dry. The drying takes up to 10 days but most of the sorting will be done in the first day as once the cherry has dried to a deep uniform purple it becomes harder to spot defects.

We’ve been consistently impressed with coffees from the Danche wet mill. We recently released a natural from the same station that was so good it flew on and off of our offer list in about two weeks. This one is something new for us, all of those big juicy notes we love in Ethiopian naturals, but turned up to 11 with the additional tank fermentation prior to drying.