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Claude Coffee - Honduras - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Weights1kg, 250g

Brown Sugar, Plum, Hazelnut



1650 masl

We are thrilled to have teamed up with Monsieur Claude once again, this time in a whole new format. Claude Coffee brings you multiple seasonal releases throughout the year with our second release coming from Darwin Flores. 

Darwin Flores is one of 60 producers in the community of Pozo Negro, in the municipality of Masaguara in Intibuca. Our good friends at Nordic Approach work closely with the group and directly with their chairman Wilmer Alexis Grau Montoya who is a very respected figure in that community. Collectives like this are extremely important for smallholder farmers as they allow them to access international markets, share skills and knowledge and also they make it possible for us to buy coffees like this. Without a community collective like this we would never have been able to buy a single farmer lot from a farmer who only produces 12 bags of coffee, not to oversimplify too much but practically speaking they don’t produce enough coffee to fill a shipping container!

Flores has a 1.5 hectare farm in Intibuca, where he primarily grows Catuai, which grows particularly well in Honduras. He picks at peak ripeness with the harvest taking place between January and March, following this the cherry is delivered to the El Roble processing mill where it is depulped and left to ferment for 48 hours. The coffee is then washed with clean water dried in a solar dryer and dried for about 18 days. With Flores only producing a very small amount of coffee a year, it’s a real honour to have bought and be able to showcase 2/3rds of this yearly production!