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São Pedro #1 - Brazil - Filter - Extended Fermentation Natural Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Strawberry, Banana Bread, Whiskey

Yellow Catuai

Extended Fermentation Natural

1125 masl

This coffee was produced by Lourdes de Fatima de Souza, on her farm, Sitio São Pedro in the Brazilian region of Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais. We’ve been buying her coffees for a few years and her extended fermentation lots in particular are always stunning. Her son Thiago is the driving force behind these more innovative processing methods and we’re excited to try more and more coffees from him in the future, thus far they get better every year! It’s great to see the passion Thiago has, especially with fermentation. He’s taken it upon himself to experiment with temperature before the cherries are dried.

While most of the coffee in Minas Gerais is mechanically picked, this lot is hand picked for peak ripeness. Following that the coffee cherry has undergone 80 hours of fermentation before being dried on raised African beds, another factor that sets this lot aside when most in the region are dried on concrete patios.

The harvest usually takes place from June to September, with the peak being in July. The team on the farm measures the Degrees Brix and PH levels of their coffees, keeping a close eye on the temperature as well. Besides raised beds, they also use a patio and boxes with warm air to dry some of their other lots. A sweet and intensely fruity extended fermentation Yellow Catuai with a velvety body and a rich finish.