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Divino Niño - Colombia - Filter - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Red Apple, Pear, Fudge

Castillo, Caturra, Colombia


1300 - 1750 masl

Divino Niño or ‘Divine Child’ in English, is the colloquial name of a cooperative group in Sauza, Huila that has grown from 25 producers to over 50. The longer name is Cooperative Divino Niño del Horizonte & ASOCAFOR, which is a bit more of a mouthful. The group’s leading figures, Edilma Polania Bermeo, Adrian Bocanegra and Mario Salazar are at the helm of operations and keep the group organised and growing sustainably.

We bought this coffee through Osito, an importer that works internationally but was founded and is still primarily based in Colombia. Along with the Divino Niño co-operative they founded an annual cup competition called Copa Suaceña. Competitions like this are so valuable to coffee growing communities to provide a showcase, a platform and learning environment and an opportunity for producers to secure higher prices.

This coffee is a varietal blend of Castillo, Caturra and Colombia grown by a number of smallholder farmers who are members of the cooperative. Generally farmers in the cooperative are working at altitudes of between 1300-1750. This coffee has been processed as a washed coffee and has the kind of clean and balanced sweetness we look for in coffees from Sauza.