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Telila Kecho Andereacha - Ethiopia - Espresso - Honey Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Tropical, Floral, Peach

JARC 74112


2000 masl

Telila is one of a few washing stations in Ethiopia that are owned by exporters, specifically it is owned by Mike Mamo and his company Addis Exporter that was founded by Mike’s father over 60 years ago. As well as exporting, they have a dry mill and this wet mill. Telila is in Agaro, Jimma and processes the cherries of over 50 farms in the Takuma group (smallholder farmer collective). Incredibly, at maximum capacity, Telila can depulp 4000 kilograms of coffee cherry in just 1 hour. It is a very impressive mill! Telila washing station is located in Kecho Anderacha, Gera in the Jimma region. Jimma is in the Limu region of Ethiopia.

This honey process coffee was pulped, fermented in tanks overnight, and then spread on drying tables and dried for 18-20 days. We love Ethiopian honeys like this as they provide the flavour profile we look for in washed Ethiopian coffees but with a little more body and structure to the cup profile.

The primary arabica varietal that makes up this lot is JARC 74112 a varietal that originates from the Metu-Bishari forest and was released in 1979 by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre who developed hybrid varietals to provide farmers with more coffee berry disease resistant crops.