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Frinsa Sarapan #2- Indonesia - Filter - Washed Lactobacillus Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Fig, Pear Drops, Lemon Mint

Sigarar Utang

Washed Lactobacillus

1400 masl

This coffee is a ‘Lactic Washed’ meaning a lactobacillus culture is used to influence the fermentation of the coffee cherry. Wildon Mustafa who heads up Frinsa Estate is very experienced in and passionate about experimental processing of coffee. This coffee in particular stood out as one where processing techniques were used to create a very clean sweet cup rather than a wild and crazy one.

One of the big improvements on Frinsa Estate in recent years is the use of covered drying houses. Essentially big greenhouses with fans to control airflow, these controlled drying environments allow for much less volatile drying that is less affected by the tropical climate. This change is quite groundbreaking in Indonesian coffee and certainly in the last year in particular the standard of specialty grade coffee from Indonesia has notably improved.

We’ve always thought washed coffees are the best at expressing a sense of place, or the ‘terroir’ of the farm they come from, it’s really exciting to taste a really good washed coffee from this part of the world as it is a new and distinctive taste for us.