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Buena Vista - Honduras - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg, 250g

Cherry, Black Tea, Maple Syrup 



1700 masl

Hernan Gomez Reyes is a producer we’ve bought from a few times over the years, one of the star producers in a 60 strong collective of Pozo Negro coffee producers. His 12 hectare farm has eight hectares of coffee farm and four hectares of conservation land. He manages his farm very carefully using very minimal chemical inputs and creating his own natural compost using coffee pulp.

The cherry pickers that work the harvest at Buena Vista come from the local village, picked cherries are transported almost a whole kilometre by mule to reach the Reyes’ home where he has processing facilities. At his wet mill he removes mucilage and ferments coffee for 30 hours and then washes the coffee with fresh mountain water.

We are very happy to have this beautiful example of a Catuai from Buena Vista. Hernan Gomez Reyes and Darwin Flores are both part of the same producer collective, we have washed Catuai from both producers and if you’d like to get a real sense for the terroir and the profile of that varietal we’d recommend picking up both coffees and trying them side by side!