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La Claudina #3 - Colombia - Espresso - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Black Cherry, Treacle, Dark Chocolate



1380 - 1800 masl

Juan has two farms El Encanto where his father lives and La Claudina where this lot comes from. We’ve pretty consistently found that although the coffees from both farms are excellent, coffees from La Claudina are our favourite. We get a large volume of coffee from La Claudina for our Unit Fourteen but it is really special to have smaller lots like this at other points of the year. This particular lot comes from the 1st harvest which took place between October and December, the second harvest that our bigger volume will come from is between April and July, this is also known as the fly crop. So in some way this coffee is a sign of things to come later this year!

A lot of the day to day running of the farm and mill is handled by William Laverde while Juan’s focus is often more on running his export company Tierra De Cafe and his coffee lab in Bolivar. William Laverde has been incredibly successful in consistently delivering excellent quality coffees and the arrival of these coffees here in the roastery is always a highlight of the year.

The two farms sit across 60 hectares with much of the growing land very steep and difficult to access with several areas only accessible by foot or on donkeys. This coffee comes from one of the most altitudinous points of La Claudina and we think that comes through in the coffee's complexity.