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La Fila #1 - Honduras - Filter - Washed Coffee

Sizes1kg, 250g

Raspberry, Light Muscovado, Strawberry Yoghurt



1700 masl

This coffee is IH-90 varietal, also known as Catimor developed by the Honduran Coffee Institute for high yield and to grow well at low altitudes. It’s parent varietals are Caturra and Sarchimor. In past years people have been sceptical of its cup potential but we keep tasting better and better Catimors, especially in the last two harvests from Honduras. This one stands out as it is beautiful, sweet and has lots of depth of flavour and clarity and is washed whereas lots of the best Catimors recently in our experience have been naturals.

This coffee was a collaboration between Roman Flores and his 13 year old son Amilcar Roney Flores. Roman Flores is passing on lots of information of farming and processing and it is really nice to be able to showcase this coffee that’s the result: the first lot with Amilcar’s name to it!

Intibuca is an amazing region with slightly higher altitude than much of Honduras, and the community of farmers that we buy from through Nordic there is doing a great job of producing exciting and delicious coffee.