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Sitio Maranhão - Brazil - Espresso - Natural Coffee

Sizes1kg , 250g

Blackberry, Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate

Yellow Catuai


1150 masl

This coffee was produced by Josiel, Jefferson, Jessica and Cleissinmara Betti. Together, they run Sitio Maranhão, a beautiful little farm in the hills of Minas Gerais. Josiel and Jeferson are brothers, who are chiefly responsible for harvest and cherry selection, and their wives Jessica and Cliessinmara are responsible for post harvest. Their attention to detail at both of these stages combines to produce delicious, consistently high quality coffee.

The farm only produces 300 bags of coffee a year, which is all the more reason to produce high quality coffee and secure the higher price premiums paid by specialty buyers. The Betti Family is dedicated not only to quality, but also to sustainability. They have a good reputation for both which has made them an increasingly sought after producer.

Yellow Catuai is known for its sweet and acidic flavour. As the name suggests, the cherry is yellow in colour, meaning it absorbs sunlight slower than its red fruiting relative. This leads to slower maturation and a more complex cup.